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Gender diversity has emerged as one measurement on which there is a compelling correlation with positive effects on shareholder value and company performance.

Boardroom diversity positively affects everyone: shareholders, companies, and consumers. However, in 2016, women held only 21.2% of corporate board seats in S&P 500 companies and, unless the pace of change accelerates, the positive effects will remain elusive.

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Member Benefits:

  • Highlight your company's commitment to diversity by collaborating with a recognized national organization
  • Access to Coalition membership for collaboration throughout the year and during group meetings, teleconferences, and bi-annual events to share initiatives, strategies, and achievements
  • Tap member resources: speakers for internal conferences, internal training, partners, databases for board candidates, and exchanging ideas on best practices through small group meetings and committee work
  • Participation in a peer networking group focused on specific industries or roles. Emphasis is on creating solutions for increasing gender and minority participation in senior leadership and corporate boards
  • Contribute and publicize thought leadership through articles, blogs and other social media highlighted via the Coalition’s social media initiatives and quarterly newsletter
  • Featured on the Thirty Percent Coalition website


  • Leverage your voice through the Coalition's public initiatives, op-ed articles and commentary on diversity policies

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