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A powerful and collaborative initiative. We are the Coalition for U.S. board diversity™.

Gender diversity has emerged as one measurement on which there is a compelling correlation with positive effects on shareholder value and company performance.

Boardroom diversity positively affects everyone: shareholders, companies, and consumers. Women currently represent 23% of S&P 1500 directors, with only 3.5% representation of women of color. Unless the pace of change accelerates, the positive effects will remain elusive.

Several categories of membership are available including corporate partners, institutional investors, and advocacy groups. Please contact us for further details.

Member Benefits:

  • Highlight your company's commitment to diversity by collaborating with a recognized national organization
  • Access to Coalition membership for collaboration throughout the year and during group meetings, teleconferences, and bi-annual events to share initiatives, strategies, and achievements
  • Tap member resources: speakers for internal conferences, internal training, partners, databases for board candidates, and exchanging ideas on best practices through small group meetings and committee work
  • Participation in a peer networking group focused on specific industries or roles. Emphasis is on creating solutions for increasing gender and minority participation in senior leadership and corporate boards
  • Contribute and publicize thought leadership through articles, blogs and other social media highlighted via the Coalition’s social media initiatives and quarterly newsletter
  • Featured on the Thirty Percent Coalition website


  • Leverage your voice through the Coalition's public initiatives, op-ed articles and commentary on diversity policies

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