Thirty Percent Coalition Brand Guidelines


The Thirty Percent Coalition is a national organization representing over 90 members from diverse sectors. The vision of the Thirty Percent Coalition is for corporate boardrooms to reflect the gender, racial and ethnic diversity of the United States workforce. The mission of the Thirty Percent Coalition is to advocate for diversity on corporate boards, promoting women and people of color.


The visual elements - logos, colors, fonts and the words we use to describe the Coalition help us to establish and maintain a clear, unified identity in our communication.

Appropriate use of the Logo

 The logo can be used only in three situations:

  1. By the Coalition: for all communications in print and web presence.
  2. By Coalition members: only on their website, to showcase their commitment to Board Diversity and promote their leadership image through affiliation with the Thirty Percent Coalition.
  3. By the public: only when reproducing in extenso, public official communication of the Thirty Percent Coalition.

The Thirty Percent Coalition Logo must always include the following link

Important: Use of the Coalition logo for any purposes, commercial or not, beyond the aforementioned usage is strictly prohibited, unless a written authorization has been granted by the Executive Director


Logo must appear with the following text - no editing is possible (cut and paste):

The Thirty Percent Coalition, in existence since 2011, is an influential national organization. - Vision: to reflect the gender, racial and ethnic diversity of the United States workforce in corporate boardrooms. - Mission: to promote gender diversity, including women of color, on corporate boards.

The text display has the following requirements:
Font: (1)Pt Sans - (2)minimum size 14px maximum 16px available here for download - color:#33333 (grey 80%)
               (1) If you do not whish to download the Coalition font please use a sans serif font -ie: helvetica (not Times Roman)
              (2) minimum size: You may use the default font-size of your web site.

To select (1) a logo right click on the selected picture and save image as.
               (1)Logos with the member header may be used by Coalition members exclusively.

30PC LogoBase 30PC LogoBaseMember
Logos to use with
the above text
thirty logo mobile 30PC LogoMobileMember
Web developer only
use on mobile display