US SIF Foundation Releases Investors Guide On Investing To Advance Women


 The US SIF Foundation today released, Investing to Advance Women: A Guide for Investors, a report that explores the business case for investors seeking to put their dollars to work to address the pressing issues that affect women. The report presents summary information on the socioeconomic status

of women in the United States and globally, the challenges they face in achieving parity with men in the business and economic realm, and investment products that address these issues.

 Investing to promote gender equality and advance the socioeconomic standing of women and girls is a leading priority of many sustainable investors. The US SIF Foundation found that at the start of 2018, institutional investors considered “gender lens” as a criterion in $868 billion of investment assets. This is more than double the assets identified in 2016. A growing body of evidence suggests that there is not only an equity argument for investing in women, but a business case as well.

The guide is intended as a handbook for individuals and institutions interested in learning about the growing opportunities to invest in women across a broad range of asset classes and region.


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