S.E.C.: Keynote Address: International Corporate Governance Network

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S.E.C. Chair Mary Jo White

Focusing the Lens of Disclosure to Set the Path Forward on Board Diversity, Non-GAAP, and Sustainability

“Diversity on boards, and in organizations more generally, is very important to me and I have not shied away from expressing my strong views on the topic. As a former member of a public company board and its audit committee, I have seen first-hand what the research is telling us

– boards with diverse members function better and are correlated with better company performance.  This is precisely why investors have – and should have – an interest in diversity disclosure about board members and nominees.”

A growing number of company proxy statements have recently begun to voluntarily provide an analysis of data, accompanied by pie charts and bar graphs, to describe the state of the board’s gender, race and ethnic diversity composition, sometimes in addition to other categories – that is one of the positive results of private ordering.  This more specific information is clearly more useful to investors.

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