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Reforms Build on Goldberg’s Commitment to Advance Shareholder Engagement and Ensure Responsible Corporate Governance Strategies for Pension Fund’s Investments

BOSTON – The Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board, which oversees the state’s $62 billion pension fund, voted 7-0 today to approve

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Corporate executives often talk about the need for boardroom diversity, but few do much about it. Women still hold slightly less than 20 percent of public corporate board seats. African-Americans hold less than 9 percent, Asians even less, about 5 percent, and Hispanics only about 4 percent.

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Written by Timothy Smith

  • On average, S&P 500 directors have 2.1 outside corporate board affiliations, although most directors aren’t restricted from serving on more.
  • The number of boards with no female directors dropped to the lowest level we have seen; six S&P 500 boards (1%) have no women, a noteworthy decline from 2006, when 52 boards (11%) included no female members. Women now constitute 21% of all S&P 500 directors.
  • Among the boards of the 200 largest S&P companies, the total number of minority directors has held steady at 15% since 2011. 88% of the top 200 companies have at least one minority director, the same as 10 years ago.

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