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John Rogers and James Bell not only represent two of America’s most powerful corporate directors but the unwavering,outspoken advocates for boardroom diversity and inclusion. Rogers, chairman and CEO of Ariel Investments L.L.C. (No. on the be asset managers list with $ billion in assets under management, serves on the boards of S&P 00 companies McDonald’s and Exelon and is co-founder of the annual Black Corporate Directors Conference, which brings together scores of African American corporate directors to grapple with such issues.

Number of women reporting to the CFO drops in 2017

IRmagThe number of women making up what Deloitte says is ‘arguably an important resource pool for the next generation of CFOs’ has dropped over the last three years, according to the firm’s latest CFO Signals research.

Concerns about ‘financial trade-off’ may deter institutional investors from integrating ESG principles into investment decisions, note reports

While a selection of institutional investors put their money where their mouth is this proxy season, US investors still lag behind their counterparts in Europe and Canada on integrating ESG into their strategy, according to new research.  


As more women speak out, shareholders are starting to pay attention.

Harvey Weinstein. Bill O’Reilly. Roy Price. Kevin Spacey. The list of prominent men recently accused of sexual harassment goes on, and on, and on. So, too, do the costs of such behavior, in ruined reputations, aborted careers, and shattered companies, not to mention dollars and cents. Investors also have a lot at stake.

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