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Slowly but steadily, investors continue to let corporate boards know that "pale, male and stale" doesn’t cut it anymore.

The small but growing number of shareholder votes on diversity proposals is on pace to match or exceed the record set last year, according to

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Reforms Build on Goldberg’s Commitment to Advance Shareholder Engagement and Ensure Responsible Corporate Governance Strategies for Pension Fund’s Investments

BOSTON – The Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board, which oversees the state’s $62 billion pension fund, voted 7-0 today to approve

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Corporate executives often talk about the need for boardroom diversity, but few do much about it. Women still hold slightly less than 20 percent of public corporate board seats. African-Americans hold less than 9 percent, Asians even less, about 5 percent, and Hispanics only about 4 percent.

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