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women in the boardroomSusan Baker, Vice President and member of the Shareholder Advocacy team at Trillium Asset Management, has a unique approach and strategy to increasing diversity. As a member of Trillium, an independent investment advisor focused exclusively on sustainable and responsible investing managing over

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SPRINGFIELD – More women and minorities need to serve on corporate boards, Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs said today.

Frerichs will use his role as Illinois’ chief investment officer to encourage greater boardroom diversity. A corporate board without women and minorities typically does not reflect its employees and customers. As such, the likelihood is great for missed opportunities and growth, especially in shareholder value.

256px McKinsey and Company Logo 1 The old one isn’t working. We need bolder leadership and more exacting execution. Gender equality is a priority for most CEOs, but their companies fall short.

More than 75 percent of CEOs include gender equality in their top ten business priorities, but gender outcomes across the largest companies are not changing.

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