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A study by KPMG Board Leadership Center Senior Advisor Annalisa Barrett assesses the early impact of California’s board gender diversity mandate.

 Senate Bill 826, California’s law mandating board gender diversity for public companies


A global perspective

Women are still largely under-represented on corporate boards globally, and progress to change this trend continues to be slow. Our 6th edition of our Women in the Boardroom report outlines efforts and progress made in over 60 countries to increase the number of women occupying board seats.


Principles For Responsible Investment: Our Commitment

In 2006, the UN Secretary-General convened an international group of investors committed to integrating ESG assessments into investment decision-making and ownership practices to develop the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

...we find that banks with more gender diversity on their board perform better once the composition of these boards reaches a critical level of gender diversity, corresponding to a board female share of around 13-17 percent.

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