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The Thirty Percent Coalition, in existence since 2011, is an influential national organization. Their vision is for senior leadership in companies and the corporate boardroom to reflect the gender, racial and ethnic diversity of the United States workforce. The mission of the Thirty Percent Coalition is to promote gender diversity, including women of color, on corporate boards.

Businesses prefer veteran female directors over untested ones, research showsWSJ Logo

For women like Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, an imaginary sign seems to hang outside U.S. boardrooms. It reads: “Help Not Wanted.”

The longtime chief executive of the nonprofit Cancer Research Institute has fruitlessly pursued a public company directorship for several years. With a resume that touts her decades of experience as a CEO and cancer researcher, she has reached out to business acquaintances and enlisted the help of an executive-recruitment firm. “I don’t think I even cross anybody’s mind,’’ Dr. O’Donnell-Tormey said.

...we need to understand that workplaces plagued by harassment and violence generally have two fundamental flaws: (1) poor cultures, and (2) poor governance.  Second, we need to understand that one key to building stronger cultures and better governance is embracing greater gender diversity in corporate leadership.


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To whom it may concern,
Please find the Thirty Percent Coalition’s (“the Coalition”) comments on Part 5, Question 12 of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Consultation Paper on Recommendations of the Corporate Governance Council.

The Coalition is a U.S. based organization representing more than 90 members committed to increasing gender diversity on corporate boards of portfolio companies in which its members invest. The Thirty Percent Coalition’s membership base comprises institutional investors, including large pension funds, representing over $3.2 trillion assets under management (AUM).

...we find that banks with more gender diversity on their board perform better once the composition of these boards reaches a critical level of gender diversity, corresponding to a board female share of around 13-17 percent.

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