Raising The Bar: Illinois Treasurer Frerichs’ 2019 Annual Sustainable Investment Report

30PC LogoMobileMemberAt the Treasurer’s Office, we engaged dozens of companies on materially important sustainability issues, we developed

customized sustainability grades for over 50 companies, we assumed leadership of the Midwest Investors Diversity Initiative, took a leadership role in the Thirty Percent Coalition, and we broke last year’s record level of business conducted with diverse investment firms.

All this work is detailed in this report, and furthermore, this work is consistent with my fiduciary duty as State Treasurer. My job is to safeguard our $32 billion investment portfolio and obtain the highest risk-adjusted investment returns using authorized means. That is why my office administers Raising The Bar, an investment approach that fuses traditional investment objectives – safety of principal, optimal returns, and diversification – with a focus on sustainability, long-term value, and corporate accountability.

genderdiverseboards… Corporate board diversity is a critical dimension of effective board composition and performance. Diversity, which is inclusive of gender, race/ethnicity, skill sets, professional backgrounds, and LGBTQ status, positively contributes to decision-making, better reflects consumer demographics and their preferences, and better positions investors for optimal investment returns. Given that many corporate leaders recognize the benefits of board diversity, our role as investors is to prioritize corporate focus on the issue.…

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...we find that banks with more gender diversity on their board perform better once the composition of these boards reaches a critical level of gender diversity, corresponding to a board female share of around 13-17 percent.

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