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Three times per year, Rivel Research Group conducts comprehensive telephone surveys of North American and European institutional investors who vote the proxy. The insights developed are used by public companies around the world to gain perspective on governance

IRmagConcerns about ‘financial trade-off’ may deter institutional investors from integrating ESG principles into investment decisions, note reports

While a selection of institutional investors put their money where their mouth is this proxy season, US investors still lag behind their counterparts in Europe and Canada on integrating ESG into their strategy, according to new research.  


As more women speak out, shareholders are starting to pay attention.

Harvey Weinstein. Bill O’Reilly. Roy Price. Kevin Spacey. The list of prominent men recently accused of sexual harassment goes on, and on, and on. So, too, do the costs of such behavior, in ruined reputations, aborted careers, and shattered companies, not to mention dollars and cents. Investors also have a lot at stake.

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The diversity of company boards stands to be a “key factor” in deciding whether or not to invest, according to a survey by executive search firm Green Park.

The poll of 63 institutional investors found that more than half (56%) believed the ethnic diversity of company boards would become more important in the next five years. Only 6% said they thought this factor was an important element of decision making currently.

GPIFGPIF expects that the selected ESG indices incentivize Japanese companies to improve their ESGevaluations and enhance enterprise values in the long term. If overseas investors focusing ESG with long-term horizon follow, the investment returns of Japanese equities are likely to improve. GPIF, as a universalowner (a large scale investor holding well diversified portfolio), and its pension beneficiaries areconsidered to reap most benefit by the optimization of investment value chain. Norihiro Takahashi, President, GPIF

There should be an expectation in business that the selection process is based entirely on merit...Given the disproportionate number of men to women in senior roles, business should question the soundness of their meritocracies.

Sir Philip Hampton, Chairman GlaxoSmithKline


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