Elliott is pushing for more female directors as part of its campaign at Commvault. That kind of demand should be more common.

Activist investors have the power to get more women on corporate boards, should they choose to use it.

Elliott Management Corp. called this week for operational changes and a board overhaul at data-management software company Commvault Systems Inc. In a letter to the board, Elliott partner Jesse Cohn and portfolio

SustainableInvestmentsInstitute waldenTSInvestors have been interested in boosting the number of women and minority directors at companies for many years and won a new requirement for disclosure on the subject in 2009, but despite efforts since to make that requirement more specific, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not acted further.

This has not deterred an expanding array of support for more board diversity, however. In the last year,

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There should be an expectation in business that the selection process is based entirely on merit...Given the disproportionate number of men to women in senior roles, business should question the soundness of their meritocracies.

Sir Philip Hampton, Chairman GlaxoSmithKline