“As a result of multiple years of investment, we are making progress on the composition of the boards of our portfolio companies. In 2016, we created a goal within our US corporate private equity business to have diverse boards for all of our majority-owned company boards within 2 years of taking control of the company. At the time, 38% of eligible boards met the goal. Four years later, that figure has risen to 88% overall and 100% in our flagship US Buyout funds. And in 2020, we expanded our portfolio company diversity goal to achieve 30% diversity of all directors in corporate private equity controlled companies around the world by 2023. In 2021, Carlyle secured the largest ESG-linked private equity credit facility in the US for $4.1 billion and the first facility to focus exclusively on advancing board diversity. Carlyle will continue its efforts to work closely with its portfolio companies to achieve its board diversity goal, with measurable KPIs. + Highlights